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Welcome & Information

Welcome to bovidae at play, home of "Strong Heart" and other free web fiction by capriox bovidae!

About "Strong Heart"
"Strong Heart" is a sword & sorcery fantasy about Joana (Jo to anyone who hasn't pissed her off lately).  Jo is female, but her tribe made her officially a man so she could train as a warrior. Now she's a mercenary guard, and thanks to a job with a magician, life is about to get even more interesting than figuring out how to piss standing up without the right plumbing.

Set in a world of river & sea empires surrounded by desert barbarians, where the Classical-era powers are crumbling and new militaristic dynasties are rising, follow Jo as she takes the fight to religious bullies, strange new demons, tribal customs, and gender identity.  Start reading HERE! 

The story updates once a week, during the weekend.  Follow me on twitter to find out exactly when the new chapter goes up.

Site Map & Story Table of Contents

Donation Campaign: A Better Home for "Strong Heart"

Thank you so much to those who daonted to my "moving homes" campaign.  Strong Heart is now hosted at http://capriox.digitalnovelists.com and updates there.  For the time being, I will continue to cross-post the full chapters to this LJ, although eventually I will stop doing the "extras" like hand-coding the prior/next links, ToC, etc.  Any & all bonus material, images, etc. will be over at the DN home as well.  Thank you so much again for helping me make the move!  I'm very happy to be on DN now!

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About capriox bovidae
I'm a twenty-something woman who grew up on 200+ year old family farm and promptly joined in farming full-time after college.  I also grew up on fantasy & scifi novels, and I've been spinning my own fantastic tales since high school.  Inspired by the likes of MeiLin Miranda, I'm now starting to share those stories as online serial fiction.

Contact me by emailing bovidae.at.play at gmail dot com.
Follow me on twitter @caprioxbovidae

What is web fiction?
Web fiction is simply original fiction written for web-based format.  A more detailed definition is available at Novelr.  You might also see the term "weblit", which includes web fiction as well as other forms of original online literature such as poetry.  You can find more free weblit at sites like TopWebFiction (a ranking site akin to TopWebComics); listing & review sites including Web Fiction Guide (my favorite), EpiGuide (great for video webserials), Web Fic Directory, Muse's Success, and Online Novels; or by searching for the hashtags #weblit, #webfiction, and #WebFicWed on twitter.
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