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January 29th, 2010

Informal Site Map / Table of Contents

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"A Porky Villanelle" - a villanelle style poem by capriox, posted by Gabriel Gadfly during his guest content week.

gabrielgadfly.com - home of weblit by Gabriel Gadfly, mainly poetry with some short fiction.

meilinmiranda.com - home of two serial novels by MeiLin Miranda and my favorite forum community.  MeiLin was the one who inspired me to get into weblit; please go check her site out!

chevenga.com - home of the former deadtree books-turned-serial novels by Karen Wehrstein, which I love. 

Eclipse Court - a serial novel by Shirley Meier, another former deadtree book author and Karen's co-conspirator

Girl Genius - best webcomic I've ever read, both in art & story.  It's a narrative, so you won't get it unless you read from the beginning.  It won the 2009 Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story; I promise it's worth it.

Digger - another excellent, quirky webcomic that really deserves to be read by everyone.  Another narrative.

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